Awe to be an “Artist”

Awe, to be an an “Artist”.

I remember when my younger sister, Nancy came home from kindergarten with her original painting, I think it included a colourful Mexican hat. My Mom loved it and told her how wonderful it was. My heart sank I had already been usrpt from my throne. My life as an artist shattered…….I was only 18 months older, but to my fragile young self, I was deflated. Hilarious now.

Little did I know at the time my youngest sister, Marcia would outshine us all in that regard. At 15 she received scholarships form the Provincial Government to be mentored by other artists. Unfortunately for us she died at 17, my first funeral. It was devastating and such a hard but good lesson on how not to take anyone for granted and that we can all die at any age.

As much as I loved art, we had always been told, you couldn’t make a living doing it. Believing that, I thought I would learn to design energy efficient cars in Pasadena California, (they had electric cars even way back then 1980, but still they were put on the back burner). That wasn’t in the cards at the time. I applied but they wanted me to have  degree first. Well I thought it should be in design of some type….A fine art degree wasn’t going to get me any where so I decided on Interior Design, and moved to Winnipeg, as the University of Manitoba had the highest accreditation course for Interior Design in North America, surprise, surprise! Winterpeg! T-squares and tunnels to avoid the elements in the winter, it was an experience.

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