My Art

Celebrate Canada is 150 images of Canada painted in predominantly red and white. The majority of the paintings are done in only red, white, some yellow and black, the odd one at the beginning has other colours added. Initially they all included a maple leaf as well but I strayed from that.

They are all painted in acrylic, and all have had a stencil cut for them for the areas that are white. They were all painted by myself, Yvette Cuthbert.

The exhibit consists of 150 images, all one foot square each. In the last exhibit they were hung 5 from floor to ceiling with about 2” between them, and in 30 columns. If more space is available, hung only 3 or 4 deep would be great. The last time they were exhibited I tried to have one wall of indigenous and nature, one of sports, childhood memories, and iconic people/shows, the centre wall I put everything else, historical sites, images of Canada’s charter of human rights and freedoms, inventions, braille on money, industry…. They don’t need to be hung in any particular order though keeping Canada’s charter of human rights and freedoms images are easier to explain close together. Otherwise just balancing paintings that are stronger white or stronger red is a good idea.

For shipping 10 canvases fit in a re-usable shopping bag (12 1/2” x 12 1/2” approx.) usually 10 in a bag, they are about 7 1/4”- 7 1/2” wide, face to face and back to back. So they don’t take up much space considering the number of them.

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