Copper Geese at Stride Place

Lessons from Geese

Location: Stride Place Recreation Centre, Royal Rd S, Portage la Prairie

Created: 2010

Size: life size

Medium: 16 gauge copper

Created by/through: ArtsSmarts

Artists: 16 Classrooms in the Portage School Division

Design Concept: Yvette Cuthbert (saw something similar in Whitehorse Rec Center)

Built by: Brent Froese copper cut with CNC machine and copper pipe supports

Description: 16 Classrooms through the division applied to design a goose. They chose a subject to study that related to geese in some way. They chose images that described what they had learned about their subject.An artist was brought in for each classroom, with whom the students shared what they had learned about their subject and presented the artist with their images. The artist collaborated with them as to which images were more important to determine size and placement on the goose. The artist then transferred the designs to the goose with a black permanent marker.They were then put in an acid bath to etch them (by Yvette Cuthbert), and many volunteers got busy at polishing them and sealing them, very labour intensive. Next Brent Froese bent them into flying positions and reinforced and added supports for hanging them.

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