Yvette finds creating a successful painting is similar to setting life goals. First you have a vision. Then you block it out, break it down into doable steps. The foundation, in art , the under painting. You do what you can. Then sometimes it becomes the messy middle where you wonder if you can do it, but you keep tweaking, moving in the direction you want it to go into, your vision. Like magic all of a sudden you start to see it, here and there. Until it reveals its self. Surprising even you.


Yvette Cuthbert is a strong believer in the strengths of creativity in all aspects of life, looking at things differently is a skill everyone should develop in this fast-changing world.

To explore and challenge our own believes, to reflect on past experiences, to be open to other’s ideas, and in the end coming up with our own conclusions based on the best information we have at the time. Yvette, loves trying to come up with solutions for problems, by looking at them in new ways. She is very involved in her community.

She likes taking a theme and delving into it whole heartedly, learning as she goes. She created 150 paintings about Canada in 2017, seeking the best images to give a whole encompassing vision of Canadians and where they live. She explored creating making stencils for these for all the white areas, breaking down the images to whites, blacks and a mid tone.

Yvette during covid isolation created a series of laughing , smiling happy children. She also takes inspiration from Crescent lake and how it changes from season too season.

Recently she has been working on a series about the rainforest.

She is a very curious person


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