Always really enjoyed going to Nuit Blanch in Winnipeg and decided I would love to bring something like this to Portage la Prairie. I called in “Celebrate the Night” the end of September is perfect for the darkness coming earlier but still not too cold to enjoy being outside to watch performers. Trying to revitalize the downtown in 2016 I organized the event at Convention Corner just off the main street (Saskatchewan Ave) and down Howie Ave. The weather was perfect and people enjoyed the human lanterns, shadow theater are, and wall projections as well as all the acts on stage. We are so blessed to have such great local talent.

In 2017, Convention Corner no longer existed, what to do? After a Culture Days workshop, I came up with “Culture on the Crescent” making use of our wonderful walking/cycling path along Crescent Lake, this event was a day time event with musicians, artists, scattered along the path. Also we had a sports and active living hub and Voyageurs way. HUman books were also part of the experience, as well as more.

In the evening we had “Celebrate the Night” again, but this time on the Island at the Ukrainian stage, a great venue with the trees and stage, again lots of human lanterns, shadow theatre, star mapping, slideshow by the local camera club and short films about the area.

Next year ??? I would like to do something like the “All that we share” don’t put people in boxes activity and then have people work on goals they would like to see make happen in Portage la Prairie. Maybe also incorporate some “Soul Pancake” like activities to build community as well. ,,,


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