Portage Entrance Sign

Created by/through: Portage Beautifcication Committee

Artist: Yvette Cuthbert

Painted by Hi-Tech,

Constructed by Duffield & Duffield

Description: Yvette Cuthbert was asked to come up with several possible designs for a sign for the entrances of Portage.She tried several including images of “Portagers” but in the end the design chosen was hers of a Sunset/sunrise as Portage has many beautiful ones. The design of the sun is almost like an exclamation mark.

Knowing that permanence was a consideration, she esearched the possibility of having it made out of concrete, but that would have been to heavy for the site. She then checked into having it cut out of metal and painted by the same process as all the local farm machinery. Some of these colors had to be specially made, some didn’t come out quite as hoped, and the odd piece of sunset is a different colour than was intended but overall it still works.

Even when it was all its original metal colour it was quite stunning. Each kernel of wheat was separately cut.

Trees and shrubs were planted around it, really showing it off. Many people travelling by have commented on how it is one of the nicest signs they have seen.

Portage Entrance Signs

Location: One on Hwy#1 by Simplot heading east

and on Hwy#1 heading west after the Shell gas Station

Created: 2005ish

Size: BIG

Medium: Metal painted with electrostatic paint

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