My Story

When never knows where life will take you,….. probably a good thing, where would the wonder be if we knew everything before hand?

From growing up in Squamish, BC kind of like a mini Switzerland, surrounded by mountains, but with the ocean sneaking in. Off on my first big adventure at 19, off to see Europe for 2 months with my sister, Nancy 17 and in a month to meet up with my even younger sister Marcia. As my dad drove us to the airport, he asked if we knew where we were going our first night in Amsterdam, and I said “Yes” and showed him the address of our youth hostel there. He asked do you know how to get there? I replied “No, we will be lost the whole time we are over there”. I don’t think that assured him at all. On the other hand my Mom said, ” Call us in a month, so we know you are okay”. Complete opposites, and this was long before internet and cell phones. We had all kinds of experiences, adventures and life lessons while away for 2 months on our own. On coming home we told my Mom some of the experiences we had, her comment….”Don’t tell your Dad”. LOL. I admit, it was an amazing experience and one that I am sure gave me the confidence to step out into the unknown many times after that, knowing even if things didn’t work out as planned, I could handle almost anything if I had too….and the stories I would have to tell afterwards!



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