Art, should touch us in some way, re kindle a feeling or inspire us towards our future goal/s.

It is wonderful to have jewelry for the walls, but just like a piece of jewelry given by a lover, or passed down from a grandmother, when it has a story behind it, a connection to our memories our heart, it is so much more.

I heard this quote some time ago –

It was once suggested to Winston Churchill that he cut funding to the arts to pay for Britain’s war, to which he responded “Then what would we be fighting for?”

Apparently it may be a fake quote but a sentiment Winston Churchill had. None the less, really, life is about connections, feeling, experiencing and if a piece of art evokes that in us, that is a precious gift as well.

If you have a goal, or would like to touch a memory of someone else’s or your own, maybe you would like to make a statement, and you have an idea of an image that might do this, talk to me about it and together we can come up with a painting that you or the person you are giving it to will treasure.

In the past I have created paintings as wedding gifts, the barn on their childhood family farm, a flower they found out on a special hike together, the flowers they used in their wedding.

A painting for his wife suffering from Alzheimer’s of the waterfall by their cottage, for their home. A visual reminder of a place filled with so many good memories.

A painting for their son of himself and his wife, both RCMP officers, whom limit their picture taking sharing of themselves due to the nature of their jobs, but proud parents who want to be able to express that.

Our homes are a reflection of ourselves and businesses as well we want to elicit a feeling, maybe strength, integrity, humanitarisum, pride, professionalism. Paintings can help convey this, a visual reminder of what’s important to us.

Let me know what you are thinking of, I would be honoured to help you create something special.


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