MANY small copper geese

Created by/through: ArtsSmarts

Artists: Students of the Portage la Prairie School Division, all ages

Design Concept: Yvette Cuthbert

Description: Students from the division as they came through the ArtsSmarts Exhibit were given the opportunity to create their own images on a goose with black permanent Sharpie Markers, these were then etched and polsihed by many volunteers. (Including the Mayors wife at the time, Mrs. Brennan)

They were then stitched to this screen for ease of painting behind if ever need be. It was attemted to paint the screen in a sunset/sunrise, but  unfortunately this does not show, maybe plastic screen should have been used.

Teamwork of Geese

Location: PCU Recreation Centre

Created: 2012

Size: Individual geese, 3″x4″, Screen 7′ x 9′ approx

Medium: Copper

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