Secret Forest

Secret Forest, Public Art, Yvette Cuthbert5054df_e8f081bf73fd46eb90f37ac99b19ea175054df_f2d7f97f99634151b9165d1bc4962bafThe Secret Forest

 Created; July 2015

Artist: Yvette Cuthbert

Size: 300′

Medium: Exterior latex paint on concrete block and stucco

 Beautifying our City, combatting Graffiti, citizens having the opportunity to make a positive contribution.

 300′ in the alley behind the City Library and Herman Prior Centre, was constantly being tagged, so PCRC asked if I would take a look and see if there was a mural we could put there, that might discourage tagging.

 A background of trees was created, and then it was suggested we create the 4 seasons on such a long wall, which has also been done.

 Now citizens, are encouraged to come and add to the mural, appropriate animals, plants……

The Secret Forest


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