I believe in Life Long Learning

So here I am, signed up for a blogging 2 week course with WordPress. Isn’t that great they offer free courses?

There is nothing like having deadlines and being gently pushed. Actually I hate deadlines, so always try to get them under my belt as soon as possible, so I can get on with the next adventure. Sure does help with getting things done though, or at least 95% done, sometimes I admit I have a hard time with the last final push. I admit I am not a perfectionist. I don’t know if it’s fair to say I am easily bored (though it probably is), but I feel more like I am easily distracted by the next “Wow” thing I decide I would like to do, once it pops into my mind.


My mind always has new ideas popping into it. I think that is because I love researching art, places to visit, community building, nature, public art, recipes ….how to be a more compassionate and passionate person. Life is full of experiences, and I want to live to tell them.

My father, a logger, grapple operator actually, and proud of it. Was a fantastic story teller, or at least I thought so. At the supper table he would tell us about his day, the practical jokes he played, the race he had against the young guys. He would use the salt and pepper shaker, the knives and forks, what ever would relate the story best to us, and when he told his story he was always full in, and so were we.My Dad's grapple, Squamish, BC


To tell stories, you need to have experiences, and that has been a goal of mine in life, to have experiences, good, amazing experiences. Eye opening experiences, experiences to learn from, experiences to share.

I just launched my art website, yvettecuthbertartist.com, and this is my first blog post.

I hope to be as entertaining and as open as my Dad was sharing his stories.

Who knows where this will go from here.

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