Carole Lupkowski– “Walking into the Portage and District Art Centre boardroom gallery and viewing Yvette Cuthbert’s “Celebrate Canada” exhibit was like having my pride of being Canadian articulated in a vivid display of red and white.  Not only did the artwork evoke memories of my childhood (Friendly Giant and Mr. Dress-up), but it educated me about unknown Canadian facts (Flin Flon’s housing).  I would describe this captivating display as one of the best Canadian history and geography vignettes. Although photos of the display do not have the same impact as a gallery exhibit, this was one exhibit that had to be shared with friends who could not attend.”

Brandwyn Kinnear – “You’re absolutely right, it does evoke many memories just the spirit of Canada. It makes you feel proud of Canada. What you’ve captured here speaks to our Canadian heritage, speaks to our pride about Canada.

I’m very pleased that I came again and brought my children to see it. It really is incredible and you did a beautiful job. I will be telling all of my friends to come look at it and bring their families.

It has made me want to go to some of the places I haven’t been to yet. Beautiful.

Having it travel across Canada would be a very good thing for Canadians to be able to see.


Carol Barbeau These wonderful works stimulate so much conversation, pride and enthusiasm, and are so vivid and energizing.

Feeling very proud of all that Canada is and represents, thanks to you and your beautiful renderings Yvette.

Great choices – beautiful series!

Susan Ryan You are so very talented Yvette!! Your pictures make me proud to be Canadian.

Brad Brohman Incredible, Yvette…epic and beautiful…

Elaine Angelski Simply amazing!
Wow I wanted to put like On All of them but would have overloaded your messages! Lol
So great!!! So much to see, I do hope they come to Flin Flon… 

Darcee LaRiviere Kane-White Yvette, it’s such a pleasure watching you create this. You do splendid work!

Gordon Plunkett – One of the best exhibits at the PDAC

Joann Dorsson – So glad you did this!!

Beautiful depiction of Canadian life. Thank you.

Cathy and Terry Tully – A stunning and moving collection!

Fran Pickell – A great overview of Canada.

Lynda Mann – Wonderful vision/challenge. Stunning work and collection.

Michelle Lalancette – Stunning! Bravo!

Sierra Hemingway – Thank you so much for doing and showing these, they’re beautiful!

Wow! Impressive our beautiful Canada!

So Impressive.


Love them!

Simply delightful!


HIgh impact experience!

This should go National.


A wonderful creative idea.

Love your art!

Awesome great ideas

Amazing gallery depicting the sessnce of Canada.

Beautiful display.

Heartwarming. I love the colours.


Very interesting. Very nostalgic!


Wow! Canada our great country.

What an amazing exhibit


Gorgeous, so much talent.

Lovely to see the full effect of all of them.