Time spent connecting in a special way

I remember my Mom’s friend Ellen making me a homemade birthday card, I don’t recall how old I was, just that it was special, it had an imp of a person, (me) hopping around on it and I had a funky red hat. The card I think had 3 parts or so to it, more than 2, I am sure, accordion folded. Don’t remember much more about it but to me it was very special, made just for me.

It inspired me to make a special book for one of my daughters young friends. We got together fairly often for play dates, all of us happy, enjoying each others company. At the same time I enjoyed reading Robert Munsch books to my children, so using them as a kind of model, I wrote about how Leigha lived on a farm, and her friends. I can’t remember all of it either. I believe I mentioned the wind through the wheat, and it was 10 or 12 pages long with images, using a couple of pieces of mat board for the cover. I’m not sure if she still has it, I kind of hope so, but at least I hope she has memories of it like I do of that card, so many years ago.
Just nice that someone put in an extra special effort to make something special for you.
Childhood, is full of magic moments. Like having your Dad show you how to whistle with a piece of grass or whittling a whistle from a piece of branch. I was 47 and still trying to find out how my Dad made that whistle, a fellow in the Yukon showed me and drew out instructions for me (my Dad was no longer around to ask). I didn’t realize you could only make them at a certain time of the year when you could separate the bark from the rest. I may have to see if I can still find those instructions this spring.
So many things to do, see explore. I hope I am always as curious as a child, asking, trying, inventing, being goofy, just because I can.


What is a special memory you have where someone did something for you or with you that made you feel special, noticed?

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