Yvette, had a bear follow her to school one day

I think that trumps a lamb.

When I lived in Squamish, we used to live on a dead end street, 2nd house from the end. Past that was wilderness.

We lived in a Spanish style house with stucco finish. One morning while getting ready for high school my Mom called us into her bedroom. A bear was scratching it’s back against our house. Mom’s bedroom window wasn’t far from the ground. Us three girls watched for a while until the bear walked off, then we continued getting ready for school. I was first to leave as I had the furthest to walk, my sisters were still in elementary school. Part of my route was also down a ravine.

Off I left for school.

When I came home that day, my Mom said how they watched me leave and then right behind me, the bear who had had a nap in our carport, followed along behind me.

I’m glad I wasn’t aware of this until I got home that day. 🙂

The poor bear was reported by others, and was used as target practise at a local park, left to decompose not a pretty sight.

I left Squamish years ago now, and that wilderness is no longer wilderness, that’s a pity.